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Welcome to Tattoo by Cozzi Crew

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was born in Athens Greece in 1972, where he lived until the age of 22. Then, in 1994, he relocated to Cyprus.

At the age of 16  he did his first tattoo on himself, with a hand made tattoo gun. From then on he had the love of tattoo graved in his heart, not knowing that one day this is the path he will follow for the rest of his life. 11 years later He stayed in Thailand for three years, on and off, learning the art of tattooing, and in the same time making strong friendship with his mentor Martin. He came back to the island in 2002 and open his tattoo shop….From then on, his tattoo career has known a continuous ascending path, hence becoming one of the best tattoo artist on the island.

“I 've always wanted to make art for a living and I am  so happy that it  
happened…” Cozzi


After his first tattoo he realised that tattooing is what he loves.  Then in 2012 he had his apprenticeship and stayed in that shop until 2015 when he moved to Tattoo By Cozzi Crew and since then "He is living the dream"!!


Started as a journalist but her love for art never stopped!! After moving to Cyprus tattooing came into her life.  She started as a customer first but her passion for art made her eventually a tattoo artist.  She got her apprenticeship in Tattoo by Cozzi Crew and after that she became a member of it!!


Since young age she was amazed by arts.  She always dreamt of making a living out of her passion for art. Right after graduating she started studying  and working abroad, but it felt wrong. Poco soon started experimenting in tattooing through tattooing herself  and eventually she was so fascinated by it, resulting into pursuing it as a career. Seven years away from her home, she came back to Cyprus determined to be what she always wanted, an artist. Along the way she found Tattoo by Cozzi crew, immediately clicked and started working side by side with the team. Tattooing is a sacred process for her requiring two people working together to create a unique result!!  

Coming Soon

Stay tuned for the new talent coming soon!

Tattoo Artists

  • Cozzi

  • Nicolas Turtle

  • Gabriella

Piercing Artists

  • cozzi


How can I contact you?

You can contact us at: 

Facebook: Tattoo by Cozzi Crew 

Instagram: tattoo_by_cozzi_crew 


Tel. number: +357-24 648454

How can I get an appointment?

1. Provide all the information about the tattoo including the design, size and placement.

2. Book a date and time.

3. Provide a deposit of 30% as a confirmation.

How much do you charge?

Depends on the size of the design and the time needed to make the tattoo.

Where are you located?

Address: Galaxia 3, Shop 12 

Oroklini, Larnaca, Cyprus

(Dhekelia Road)

Post code: 7041 

How do I get on your waiting list?

There is no waiting list. We work through appointments.

Will you do a cover up?

Yes we will do a cover up, if it is possible.

Contact Us

Galaxias 3 Shop 12 Oroklini Larnaca 7041 Cyprus

Phone: +357-99 575160

Office: +357-24 648454

E-Mail 1:


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